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The Best Family Adventure on Maui

Welcome To Maui Treasure Hunt

Beautiful Family Adventure in Hawaii

Maui Treasure Hunt

Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure – Ultimate Adventure for Your Kids.

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Maui Treasure Hunt – Original Family Adventure

Ultimate Adventure for Your Kids!

Multiple activities in one. Hiking in deep forests, swimming in a lagoon (optional and not always possible due to weather), crossing a river, searching for a treasure

It's a Family Fun!

Everyone is involved, no one left behind. No other activity like this anywhere else. Up to 3 hours of fun.

Real Outdoor Adventure!

Get ready to discover beautiful nature of Maui. Get ready to walk and get wet and muddy. Get ready for up to 3 hours of never ending excitement. Get ready to find the treasure!

Maui Treasure HUNT

The best and Unique Maui Family Outdoor Adventure. Never ending excitement for families with children, Reserve Now!

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