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The Best Family Adventure on Maui

Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure – the Best for Your Kids on Maui!

(47 customer reviews)



Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure – the Best for your kids!

Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure  – an ultimate adventure for families with children. Pack up, leave your worries at home, and join us on a true outdoor adventure!

Trip Highlights:

  • Enjoy an action-packed family tour with hiking, swimming (not guaranteed, weather permitted), and much more
  • Swim in a natural stream, fulfill fun tasks, discover beautiful island nature, and search for a hidden treasure
  • Follow a designed map with the whole family in mind

About Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure

Maui is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike – an ideal destination for families wanting to play together in the outdoors. We explore this friendly country through a multitude of activities: hiking in forests, swimming (optional), and searching for a treasure. It is definitely the most unique and the best kids’ activity on Maui! Fun for the whole family! Make the most of your family time outdoors on our Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure!  Our tour starts in beautiful nature, in Maui green forests with the most amazing scenery. You and your children will have a fantastic time outdoors together! This is a real jungle adventure, so get ready to get wet and muddy. You will be hiking in the woods, crossing by the river, and fulfilling fun tasks while searching for a treasure. Your children will have a time of their lives. They will reveal the mystery of a lost treasure and will be the ones to find it. A great time for the whole family, guaranteed. No other activity like this anywhere else. Up to 3 hours of fun.

Facts and Requirements:

  • Time: 3:00 pm
  • Level: easy to medium
  • Duration: up to 3hrs
  • Length of Hike: 2 miles
  • Included: Parking Fee, Backpack, Snack (granola bar, chips, juice), and Bottled water during Treasure Hunt Hike
  • Not Included: Transportation and Gratuity for your guide
  • Meet your guide:  Kahului, Park n’ ride  meeting location is along a large concrete wall with a single row of parking facing Hwy 380 west of Hwy 311 just before entering Kahului. Meet your guide and let him lead you to Maui paradise.
  • Restriction & Requirement: Our treasure hunt hiking adventure is meant for children 3 years and older. But we welcome children of all ages. Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult and adults must assist the child during the hike. Our guide is not going to watch your little one. He is too busy keeping our older Keiki safe and busy while looking for a treasure. This activity is intended for participants who are physically fit.  All participants must be able to squat down and up without any assistance from another person. We are going rain or shine, no cancellation is possible due to weather conditions. All participants must be able to walk without assistance which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending without the support of a handrail or other walking aid. If you have a problem walking on the stairs, this activity is not suitable for you. If you had surgery shortly before the journey, you may set yourself at high risk and you may also hinder the rest of the group.

Additional Information about Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure:

Shoes to Wear on our Tours? Running shoes, water shoes, or sports sandals. Your shoes may get muddy, dirty, and/or wet on any of our hikes. Clothing for our Tours? Shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are the best. If mosquitoes really bother you (your guide carries repellent), you could wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Also, you’ll want to wear your swimsuit so you can swim in the waterfall pools (optional). Additional Items to Bring for the Day?  Towel: Swimming is optional, Sunscreen: Helpful on any tour, Camera & Phone: Please bring a Ziploc or a plastic bag to prevent any damage from moisture. You are responsible for any personal equipment you choose to bring along. Therefore we can take photos during the tour you can purchase on CD or USB. What Does Stardust Hawaii Provide for the Day? Water, Snacks, Backpacks, Ponchos, in case of rain, Insect repellent, if needed, And, of course, our guide to keeping you safe. Will There Be a Bathroom on the Trail? No public restroom is available. For that said, once we’re hiking, though, we head for the bushes, but if you’re uncomfortable using the bushes, please let your guide know before the hike begins so you can both decide what’s best for you. Trail condition? It’s a real outdoor adventure, so the trail might be very muddy. If the trail is unsafe due to weather conditions we wouldn’t cancel your adventure but redirect you to a different safe trail, most likely without an option to swim. You’ll receive a confirmation over the phone with directions via email. Tipping your Guide? If you’re happy with your hike, a nice tip is always a good way to show your appreciation.

Meeting Location and Driving Direction:

* Meet your guide in Kahului  Kahului, Park n’ ride Kahului Park n’ ride meeting location is along a large concrete wall with a single row of parking facing Hwy 380 west of Hwy 311 just before entering Kahului. Meet your guide and let him lead you to Maui paradise. Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 52 minutes, 30 seconds north, 156 degrees, 27 minutes, 43 seconds west

From Wailea / Makena / Kihei – the Southside of the island

Highway 31 (Pi’ilani Highway) – head north. Follow airport signs to Kahului, bearing right onto Hwy 311. After 10 minutes, look for a big church (King’s Cathedral), then move into the left lane. Turn left onto Hwy 380 (Kuihelani Hwy). Go 200 yards and turn right into the “Park n’ Ride” commuter lot. Park your car against a concrete block wall and meet your guide.

From Lahaina /Ka’anapali /Kapalua – the West side of the island

Head south on Highway 30 as if you’re going to Kahului Airport. Turn right onto Hwy 380. Five miles down 380 there’s a concrete block wall on left. Turn left across the highway into the Park n’ Ride commuter lot against that wall, park your car, and meet your guide.

47 reviews for Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure – the Best for Your Kids on Maui!

  1. MP

    Fun for everyone treasure hunt, Andi was the best
    The Maui Treasure Hunt was a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike. The kids got a lesson in eco tourism disguised as an adventure, and the parents got lessons on local wildlife and the island in general.

  2. Ebs1681

    Go fun exploring
    We had a great time with Maui Treasure Hunt! It was engaging and got us out of the “resort bubble”. 10 out of 10 recommend with elementary school age kids

  3. MattM3613

    Amazing Experience
    What a great experience. My kids loved it (8 and 5 years old). Absolutely Beautiful hike west mountains and the guide (Endy) was really attentive and

  4. Anthony M.

    Go fun exploring
    We had a great time with Maui Treasure Hunt! It was engaging and got us out of the “resort bubble”. 10 out of 10 recommend with elementary school age kids!

  5. Cathy G.

    Fun and exciting!
    We went on the treasure hunt with 10 family members, including 4 children ranging from 2-12 years. It was terrific for all of us! our guide, Andi, was informative and helpful. She let the kids ask lots of questions, and also enjoy playing in the stream for an extended period. The treasure seeking part was lots of fun for the kids, and the scenery was beautiful. We highly recommend this experience!

  6. Keith L.

    Go fun exploring

    We had a great time with Maui Treasure Hunt! It was engaging and got us out of the “resort bubble”. 10 out of 10 recommend with elementary school age kids.

  7. Akool13

    Perfect family morning
    My girls, ages 3 & 7, loved the treasure hunt! Andrea was sweet and engaging and did such a great job with my girls who tend to bicker over being in charge. She gave my youngest plenty opportunity to lead the group and she hasn’t stopped talking about getting to be a leader since. It wasn’t a very muddy adventure like we expected but honestly it was perfect the way it was. She taught us all about local plants, animals, local culture, how to respect the island etc. all while looking for treasure clues. My daughter said to make sure I give Andrea 1000 stars. Thank you for a great morning!

  8. Christina W

    Christmas Adventure
    Oh my goodness!! We had the best time!! Andrea was our guide and she was amazing. She kept telling us “have fun but I want you to be safe.” The hiking was muddy as they said but it was all part of the great experience. The area we went through was so beautiful and green. The kids were very engaged and couldn’t wait to find the next clue. Andrea was wonderful with the kids! They loved finding the treasure. I would highly recommend this. Wear closed toe shoes and bring a rain jacket just in case. There were snacks at the river which was a nice place to stop and chill for a bit. Read the guidelines. They are very accurate. This was a great way to start our Christmas adventure.

  9. Jenny M.

    Great fun!
    The treasure hunt was fun for the kids, very interactive. The length and intensity was just right for our kids(6 and 8). The guide was great!

  10. Natasha

    Adventurous and fun
    This adventure was simply amazing. Our son forgot all about his iPhone, and all he wanted to do is to search for the treasure. This activity takes a place in beautiful nature. The entire time we were surrounded by huge trees, mountains, river and rocks. There was another family with their two kids so our son had buddies to bound with. Our guide Wendy was awesome, she kept the kids entertained, informed and excited. I recommend this adventure to all families with children

  11. Joshua M

    A Maui Must with Kids
    We loved this treasure hunt. Wendy was an amazing guide and my kids (7,6 &3) instantly took to her. She was great with them. We were rained on and soaked and my kids still left with smiles. It really was a fantastic experience and a highlight of our trip.

  12. VahidKhalessi

    Sorry for the late review!
    This was the best thing we did for our kids when we visited Maui. They were 7 and 5 at the time and they had a blast. Our Hawaii trip from 2018 is still on our computer screen saver and most of it is taken up by the Pirate adventures tour. 😂 We still have most of the treasure floating around the house that the kids play with.
    The Guide was great – attentive, knowledgeable and warm. He even enjoyed a swim with us in a beautiful stream. I recommend this to any one (adult or child) when visiting Maui. The views are breathtaking. We are from Australia and normally don’t tip. I can’t remember if we do but I really hope we did at the time.

  13. Rebecca Hendrickson

    Incredible Experience!
    Where do I start? I’m 26 and took my almost 7 year old sister on the trip along with another family of four with whom we were paired. It was such an amazing and educational experience! My sister couldn’t stop saying how much fun she had for the rest of the day! Wendy was our guide and she was so great with all the kids on the hike and was so knowledgeable teaching the kids and adults so much! So much fun to be able to bond with my little sister in this type of setting! Seriously loved it! 10/10

  14. Margaret K.

    Kids loved it!
    Our kids, 11 and 9 years old LOVED it! Says it was their favorite part of our trip to Maui so far. Tour guide Wendy was great…so good with the kids, knowledgeable and friendly. Easy hiking, no water shoes necessary unless you want to wade in the stream. On the pricey side, IMO (approx $100 per person), but whatever…kids loved it. YOLO!

  15. Petr Cerny

    Fun Family Adventure!
    My kids, 11 and 9 LOVED it! We were grouped with another family who also had an 11 and 9 year old. They were given maps, clues, and our guide Wendy was fantastic. She even included the parents in the fun. Also very informative on the Hawaiian culture, history, and vegetation. Yes, on the pricey side but was worth the smiles, laughs, and adventure!

  16. Lori Guard

    Great Family Adventure
    The treasure hunt was my kids favorite adventure while we were in Maui! They loved the hike and the playing in the river and the treasure at the end. So fun! Wendy was awesome too!

  17. Supermom33

    Fun, serene, adventurous hiking experience
    The fact that the adventure itself was super duper fun. Add to it a good, patient and a fun guide.
    Wendy was amazingly awesome at her job. She was prepared, planned and made the hunt very interesting. While keeping our group on track time-wise and else, she also showed utmost patience and cooperation. We had great fun. All is all must do experience with kids.
    It’s not over do or intimidating at all.

  18. Worldtraveler

    Must-do experience!
    Out of our two weeks here, this was one of the best experiences we had! Our 6,7 and 8 year olds loved it! Wendi was the best! She was very knowledgeable of the land and made it so much fun! Do yourself a favor and book this!

  19. Iva Jarny

    Great time
    We booked this for my son who is 7. He absolutely loved it. My daughter is 14 and wasn’t into the treasure hunt part but enjoyed the hike. Our guide was Wendy and she was great. I would highly recommend this for families with younger children.

  20. Sweetpie1

    A great family activity
    It was so fun. Our made the experience great for our kids. We enjoyed getting out and seeing Maui. It was great.

  21. Vicki H

    Best hike for little kids! Only way to do it!
    We had the best time on this hike with our 4 boys — ages 5 months, 2, 4, and 7. Andrea was our tour guide and she kept it exciting and entertaining for our boys. She is a natural with children and shared many interesting information with us along the way. Our boys had SO MUCH FUN following the treasure map and finding their treasure!

  22. Amy Lee

    Fun for the whole family
    Wonderful experience. My 7 and 5 year old children were really into searching for clues and finding the treasure. Andrea was a great guide. Very patient and fun! I highly recommend this if you are looking for something to do with the kids in Maui.

  23. Karl & Jane

    Fun had by all! Beautiful hike!
    So much fun! Not only is the hike beautiful, but the kids had so much fun!! Wendy is awesome. She is so good with the kids. My boys 5 & 7 immediately connected with her. It is well done and a blast for all. Highly recommend. Especially good for ages 5-9.

  24. Maymie Noble

    What a great excuse to convince the family to go for a hike on Maui! Stunning stunning stunning! My 6 year-old really enjoyed the treasure hunt and hike adventure. It was too difficult of a hike, but it did take a little over 2.5 hours. Our guide was very knowledgeable of the local vegetation and we even tried some wild guava! The river runs right through the valley and there is a wonderful spot where it pools. It was absolutely inviting us for a swim, but we had lunch plans at another fabulous restaurant. Definitely worth a try!

  25. Jane B.

    “Had a Blast”
    On July 12, 2017 my 2 grandsons (ages 9 and 11) went on the Jungle Treasure Adventure. In their words they “Had a Blast”. When I asked them what they liked best they said “EVERYTHING”! Mark was great with everyone! I highly recommend this adventure!*****

  26. IronMate78

    Kids favorite part of Maui!
    Our group included my husband and I, our 3 kids (11, 6, 4) and Grandma. Our guide, Mark, did a great job interacting with the kids and helping all of us safely navigate crossing water. The kids had fun taking turns “leading” and finding the next clue. The lagoon was so fun to swim in! We all wore water shoes, which was perfect. The hike was slow paced (but not too slow), so grandma and the 4 year old were able to take their time and enjoy themselves. Mark was great to chat with to get other info on the island. Booking and meeting up for the excursion went flawlessly. We had an action packed week of helicopter rides, snorkeling, cruise, parasailing, luau, etc….and the 6 & 4 year old still say this was their favorite part of the trip! Would highly recommend to families with small children!

  27. Viki I

    Treasure Hunt
    Great hike–Mark was awesome, very knowledgeable about local flora/fauna, folklore, and fantastic with the kids. Highly recommend for families that want a more behind-the-scenes” look at Maui.

  28. Mike F.

    grand sons favorite thing on Maui
    My Grandson went on your tour with Mark and can’t stop talking about how much fun he had! Big Mahalo Mark from one Tour Guide to another! I will be recommending your Tour to my Guests!

  29. K8yorr

    A good time was had by all
    At the end of this hike, the parents of the two sets of kids on the hike all noted that nobody bickered and nobody complained on this hike–which, for those parents of kids reading this, is a good sign. Older kids might be a little bored by this hike, but there are multiple crossings of a stream, which can add a degree of difficulty that might engage them more. The guide on this hike was great with the kids, and knowledgeable about the flora (edible and otherwise) along the way, so kept the adults engaged as well. The hike wasn’t strenuous, but was pleasant, since it was mostly in the shade. Towards the end of the hike, we spent a pleasant snack time, the kids playing in a small lagoon, and the adults chatting. This is a good intro hike for younger kids (say 5-6 or so), and older kids might still enjoy it. As an adult, I appreciated the fact that the booking agent was prompt and efficient and pleasant to work with, and the guide was great with the kids. I’d highly recommend it (even though it’s a little weird to meet in a park and ride :-)).

  30. Luv2Travel311279

    Fantastic First Hike w/ Kids
    My husband and I visited Maui for the first time with our 4-year old son and soon discovered that he would rather stay in the pool than go out sight seeing. When we signed up for our Stardust Hawaii Treasure Hunt adventure, I was skeptical how our
    4-year old would react. And I’m thrilled to say that he loved EVERY minute. Our guide was fantastic. As a father of two himself, he knew exactly how to speak to our son and engage him in the adventure. Every detail was perfectly planned — starting with he kids backpack, the kid friendly snacks and the treasure map, down to the tour guide who treated our 4-year old like he was the star of the day. I would highly recommend this company and this tour!

  31. Delliot79

    Great experience!
    My husband and I took this adventure with our two daughters (10 & 12) after hearing about the trip from a friend. Both girls had a great time and didn’t realize they were learning about nature and native folklore the entire time. My husband and I also learned some interesting facts and tips about Maui from Mark. The girls were excited about the treasure as well as the water and treats that were provided during a break. The hike was designed to go at our pace and it was a bit muddy. Mark did help us all cross the water safely as well.

  32. Heidi T

    I was able to enjoy great activities with Stardust Hawaii. I felt they presented plenty of options that worked well around my busy schedule. All the information needed to prepare for my activities were clear and sent directly to my email along with a contact number to be called for any further questions. All my activities fit the description fully and were accompanied with fun/friendly staff. I’ve been a visitor on Maui 4 times and plan to continue to use Stardust Hawaii services in the future. ALOHA!!!

  33. Eoin P

    Great for kids under 10
    A fun hike through some rainforest with an excellent guide (Mark), following clues on a “Pirate Treasure Map”. You’ll wade streams, get muddy and wet, and there’s an opportunity to swim in a forest pool. Wearing swim-gear and sneakers is fine: no need for any serious gear as the hike is relatively short. Our kids had a blast spotting the Pirate clues along the route, culminating in their eventual discovery of the treasure chest. Recommended.

  34. sf4916

    Fantastic Treasure Hunt Adventure with the family.
    I booked a treasure hunt adventure for my family of 4 (2 boys, ages 8 and 5). The website took a little time to maneuver but was able to book my excursion. They followed up with a phone call to confirm the appointment, which was great. As tourist, we had no sense of time trying to get from Kapalua to Kahului and was almost late for the pickup at the park and ride. They were really cool about it when we called them telling them we are on our way and they said they would wait for us when they could have said sorry no refunds and ditched us. Our tour guide, Mark was really great with my kids during the ride up and on the treasure hunt. He was patient and kind and was very supportive and positive with my kids as they tried to overcome their fear of walking thru the jungle and the slippery rocks. In my opinion, age 8 is probably the maximum age you want to have your kids doing this Treasure Hunt ( I believe they offer other types of treasure hunts so check on the reviews on those). It is pricey for a family of 4, but we made so many memories on this excursion I would recommend it to anyone family with small children.

  35. PaulaRH2014

    Pricey but my family loved it
    What youngster doesn’t want to search for hidden treasure?! My 6 year old grandson loved this excursion and was fully engaged with the guide who took them on this 3-3.5 hr hike, following the clues, doing activities, and swimming in a lagoon. My daughter was equally engaged because of the beautiful terrain and what she learned about Maui culture and local plants – she came back refreshed and rejuvenated from her outing. The kids are provided snacks and come home with a treasure map and trinkets from the treasure box.

  36. Manjra3

    Great hike with amazing scenery, fun for ALL
    Brilliant hike along a fresh water stream – picturesque and serene . We were lucky enough to be the only ones on the hike. Just like every other reviewer has stated, our guide Mark was just excellent. Very knowledgeable and patient. The kids had a great time interacting with him. Bottom line, if you have kids 5-14 this is a MUST do in Maui.

  37. NotMyDad

    Beautiful hike and lots of fun!
    Our guide, Mark, was wonderful. He had ample patience with the kids, had fun activities, and good stories to share. The valley hike is absolutely gorgeous, lots of fun stuff to see and the river is invigorating! We even spotted a chameleon!
    It was just my daughter (age 5 years 10 months) and I. She hiked like a champ, no complaining or anything. She was excited about everything we saw, all the plants and critters, and especially the river swim! The snacks were more than enough for the time we were out.
    The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the price. It’s a bit expensive for what we did.

  38. jolisvie

    Great adventure!
    Our guide Mark was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful and a lot of fun! We saw a lot, learned a lot, got a decent work out and our sons had an amazing time. Our entire party loved this and I would definitely recommend it – a great trip into the Iao Valley with gorgeous sites and a fun trail hike with lots of information plus a fun treasure hunt that engages the little ones. This hike has a few challenges so I would rate it higher than easy and you should plan for muddy shoes. The only real let-down for us was that the lagoon swim was not really a guaranteed feature of the hike and not very practical with children or older folks – as we were really looking forward to this and hikes in our swim suits and packed towels – is was unfortunate. The lagoon area is a small rock bordered deep area in the river which is fairly swift – but it’s on the opposite bank so you need to be capable of climbing/wading through to get to the deeper hole but it would not be safe for kids and we couldn’t leave ours on the opposite bank to take a dip. Overall though we really enjoyed this hike!

  39. bandman58

    Amazing FUN!
    We (the grandparents) scheduled a Maui Treasure Hunt for our 7 yr. old twin grand-daughters. Oh my goodness!…Mark (the official guide) led them and another family with a 6 yr. old and 4yr. old boys on the adventure of their lives. When we picked them up, they couldn’t stop talking about following the trail and clues, crossing a suspension bridge, seeing a huge bull frog and jumping into a stream. As I understand, Mark gave a natural history lesson of what they were seeing as they hiked along searching for the pirate treasure.

    When we got back to the condo, they emptied the bags and spread their “loot” on the floor for all to admire. The snacks in the backpacks they carried were more than enough to sustain them through the hike. We especially appreciated the photos Mark took along the trail and then sent to us…thank you so much for a fabulous ending to their vacation in Maui!

  40. Keiramalkus

    Blend of nature and magic!
    Oh my goodness, our 6 and 4 year old boys LOVED this! My husband and I loved it as well! We got to go on a beautiful hike and the kids were so engaged! Mark was so warm and welcoming! It was truly one of the most fun days we have had on vacation!! It’s a genius way to get kids to really enjoy nature and appreciate all the beauty of Maui! Highly recommended!!

  41. FLTravelbug

    Great family fun! Our kids’ favorite activity on Maui!
    What a fun time! Booked this based on an ad we saw in an activities guide we picked up at the airport and didn’t regret it! Despite it saying “ages 5 and up,” we called ahead to book and were told we could take our (mature for her age) 3 yr old for free so made it a family activity thinking we could carry her if need be. Turns out she was well able to handle the hike with just a little help across the stream (carried her across on the way up, but made it across on the way back with just a little hand holding once her confidence had been built). The hike is relatively easy through a beautiful park and verdant valley, lush with vegetation, wild guava and banana trees, and with the opportunity to swim/wade in a beautiful cool stream along the way. It was easily accessible but uncrowded. In fact, we didn’t encounter any other hikers along the way. It felt like having our own little secret part of paradise to ourselves! The scenery was lovely and Mark, our guide, was knowlegeable and charismatic enough to entertain both the adults and kids alike. He was so patient with the kids and they had a great time looking for the clues and treasure. Each child had the chance to lead the group, and the hunt was a team approach, which encouraged the kids to work together. Along with our family, there was one 8 year old who came unaccompanied, and one other family with 2 young boys ages 4 and 6. Typically the tours are kept to small groups. After each clue was found, they all had to do “tasks”- things like imitating their favorite animals, standing on one foot while counting to 20, talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up and why. The final “treasure” included tattoos, plastic gold doubloons and some other goodies I won’t reveal here to save on the surprise factor. Suffice it to say the kids were so excited! Even our “free” 3 yr old was rewarded equally for her efforts, and great care was taken to include her in all the activities. Sufficient snacks and bottled water were provided in each hiker’s backpack for adults and kids, and bug spray was also available for those who wanted it. I would suggest a towel and that you wear a swimsuit under your clothing to enjoy the swim. Sneakers or hiking sandal This was our kids’ favorite activity of our trip to Maui. It was a great introduction to hiking for them and something we could all enjoy together.

  42. bethanyblanchette

    Maui Treasure Hunt…Lots of Fun
    Took my daughter and 2 nieces on the treasure hunt. The girls had a great time and are still talking about the scenery and legends they learned. The guides are very knowledgable and fabulous with the kids. I will recommend this tour to anyone with elementary school children who visits the island. The tour covers everything from snacks to bug spray. Just grab a towel and a bathing suit and go have an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

  43. Lori S

    Wonderful tour!
    We took our 5 year old niece on this tour. It was a wonderful time. The tour guide was great with the kids. Let each one have a chance to be a leader. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

  44. judygCalifornia

    Great experience
    What a great experience. Did it with kids 5 and 8 they were entertained every minute. The guide was Wonderful with the kids and informative for the adults. The kids follow a treasure map and follow it to find the treasure. A must do with kids.

  45. Shari M

    Beautiful and Fun Experience for All Ages
    This was such a fun experience! Our tour guide Mark was one of the best guides around. He was charismatic and awesome with our kids! The hike starts out in a beautiful park and only gets better. The hike is not hard at all but it keeps the kids engaged. They have a treasure map that they need to follow and look for markings (clues) along the way so that they know they are going the right way. We were able to pick some fresh guava to eat along the way and the kids are also supplied with small backpacks to use with treats and drinks in them. Swimming in the lagoon was a blast too. Some of the locals came out, so the kids were able to watch them jump into the lagoon from rocks high off the ground. The hike ends with finding a treasure chest with goodies in it for each child. My kids were so excited that they actually found a treasure! The kids then need to follow the map back to where we started. All in all, the hike takes around 3 hours to complete but the time flies by! It is money well spent and will supply a lifetime of memories for the kids and adults!

  46. Jabberwocky40

    Gorgeous hike with a fun treasure hunt for the kids.
    We had a great time on our treasure hunt. We have 2 kids under 7 and they had a blast. We went with our whole family including grandparents and the tour guides were fantastic. The hike took us through a beautiful 2 mile stretch and the hunt kept the kids interested the whole time. We also got to swim in an amazing stream which the kids loved. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable about Hawaiian plant life and history which was a nice touch. We got to eat fresh guava off a tree. One of our favorite things we did in Maui. I definitely recommend it!

  47. Irene n

    Treasure Hunt Hiking Tour-best choice
    Not knowing what to expect, we still wanted to give it a try. Our kids are 8, 12 and 14 years old. We signed them up for the morning tour, without us parents participating. We went shopping and grabbed lunch while waiting for them in Kahului city. It was a nice relaxing time for us – parents. Three hours later we picked them up at the meeting spot. Our kids were full of new experiences, they kept telling us stories from the event and were super excited about the whole Treasure Hunt. They got to swim, and found a treasure besides other activities. The price was good for the length of the tour and also we got a great discount on the second and third child. It was definitely a good deal and great experience for our kids and parents as well.

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